WiFi.selectAntenna() fails on P2

I am trying to change the antenna configuration on a P2 in the setup() function and it will always return the error code -120. Does this value correspond to the system error NOT_SUPPORTED? Is it still work in progress? According to the documentation, it should already be functional: selectAntenna() [antenna] - WiFi | Reference | Particle

The issue can be reproduced with the following minimal example. It does not matter if you pick the internal or the external antenna. In case you wonder, I am not using the STARTUP() macro for this because I want to be able to select the WiFi antenna using Bluetooth.


void setup() {
   int32_t status = WiFi.selectAntenna(ANT_INTERNAL);
   Serial.printf("%ld", status);

void loop() {

Thanks in advance for your help,


That function does not currently work on the P2 and Photon 2.

Use BLE.selectAntenna() instead. The same antenna is used for BLE and Wi-Fi, and the BLE function should set the setting in the DCT correctly.