Wifi localip problem [SOLVED]


I set photon to work on manual mode.


The code below works fine. When I remove delay(1000) WiFi.localIP() returns


At least 1000 ms needed to see assigned IP. Is it expected behaviour?

Try swapping the delay line for Particle.process();

The reason for 1000ms delay working is, that delays >= 1000ms implicitly call Particle.process() to keep the cloud connection alive (even in MANUAL).

@ScruffR what if I dont want any cloud connection?

Particle.process() does not only do cloud stuff but also WiFi stuff that will be necessary even without cloud connection.

But the reason why delay() needs to call it every second is due to cloud requirements.

Maybe this info (and other things, if any) needs to be added to https://docs.particle.io/reference/firmware/photon/#particle-process-

When I read that part it seems that it is related with just cloud operations.


Is it OK to mark this [SOLVED] for you?