Wifi disable option

Im building a battery prototype, but seems spark will be for production too.
Does spark wifi module consume power if i disconnect it ? i want to make arduino sleep and wakes up by sensor, so i wish that spark wifi doesnt consume battery in case of disconnect. Any idea about that ?
Part 2 of the question will i be able to make spark sleep as we do with uno r3 . so it consume only 0.4ma and wake up by sensor rather than spending 50ma an hour !??
I need battery to last long. Hope someone can help me with these questions im a dev so i know few hardware.
Thanks all and good job product is neat and straight to the point

Here are a few suggested reading topics for Sleep modes and low power :wink: Let me know if you have further questions after reading some of this.




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Thanks BDub,
I read all of them , Im kind of confused some says its buggy and some says 2 weeks and on .
Quoting from you “I have not done extensive Sleep mode testing, I just found it buggy and
moved on as I didn’t actually need to use it myself at the time”.
Is that fixed already ?
I m going to be using spark’s with irf sensor and liquid sensor …2 servos … would these sensor stay alive even in deep sleep ? sorry even so i read and they mentioned things like that but im still confused .
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