Why would the particle CLI need access to my address book to compile?

Mac OS X - seems just recently the CLI has started demanding to have access to my address book before it’ll compile?

Screenshot 2023-04-18 at 21.26.34

Compile failed: EPERM: operation not permitted, scandir /Library/Application Support/ "AddressBook’

Any ideas?

I don’t see anything in the particle-cli source that should cause that, unless you are trying to compile an application whose source is in /Library/Application Support and some other conditions.

I’d guess it’s not actually trying to read the Address Book, per se, but when you compile an app the CLI will go up directories until it finds the project.properties file. It just happened to hit that directory when iterating directories and it’s a protected directory on Mac OS.

I could be wrong about that, however.

What as the path to the app your were compiling, what was the command line, and was it a whole project or just a cpp/ino file?

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