Why so many tokens?

I have been using my Spark Core for a few months now. I decided to start using curl to give me a better idea of what the cloud API is doing. When I listed my tokens I found that I must have 200 tokens! Wow.

Most of them have the Client as “spark”.

  1. How did all those tokens get created? I didn’t do anything to explicitly create them. I have been using the Spark.io “dead simple way to log in to a spark” Javascript. Does that create a new access token with each login?

  2. Is there any problem with having this many access tokens? It seems very messy to me. And if I have 200 already, then in a month or so I will probably have a thousand. Is that going to be a problem?

  3. Is there any way to delete these tokens more quickly than calling the API over and over again to delete each one? Perhaps an API to “delete all access tokens”?