Why Google Cloud and Azure but no AWS?

MQTT-TLS is not use all flash storage.
latest version 0.2.12 sample code build with AWS IoT, Verify result(Photon, firmware 0.8.0-rc.2) on the WebIDE is following.

Output of arm-none-eabi-size:

text data bss dec hex
73796 156 11812 85764 14

In a nutshell:
Flash used 73952 / 110592 66.9 %
RAM used 11968 / 20480 58.4 %

I’m finding once I add in OneWire & DS18B20, plus a bit more code it jumps to.

Are there any options we could use to reduce the amount of flash storage used? :slight_smile:

Of course, application size will be fat by using several library.
MQTT-TLS have TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_[128|256]_GCM_SHA[1|256|512] cipher suite, because of this library could connect to the general certificate/TLS server for compatibility.
But if this library could connect to the AWS only, size will be 50-60kbyte. And you could change cipher suite by yourself with config file(included in this library config.h).

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I have been testing it out over the past two days and seem to have quite a few stability issues when using it with our existing code - I’m tempted to assume it is resource limitation related as the MQTT TLS code seems to run okay by itself with no other code.

I am using AWS only, I jumped into the config.h file and found most of it was commented out.

Sorry, I wasn’t quite able to follow - what would you recommend to remove that is not required for AWS usage??

Thank you again - this is great what you have created!

I don’t agree with you. I think AWS is the market leader in the cloud hosting industry. I rank them above Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. I do believe that GCE and Azure are great hosting providers but. I still rank Amazon Web Services above them due to it’s versatile feature and it’s awesome brand authority.
Particle coupled with AWS host will make a great web hosting option.

I have tried Google Cloud and AWS for my Magento store. To be honest I found both a reliable solution. Didn’t have experience with Azure so can’t say anything about it.