Where can I buy very rare black Spark Core V1.0?

Where can I find old discontinue spark core?

I like old spark core. It can survive long time.
it is this thing that got me interested…

Any reason you prefer a Core over the newer and much improved Photons?

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I have several, which model are you looking for?

With onboard WiFi antenna
With external antenna connector

any… do you sell em???

Yes, phtoton is better than core. But what engineers didn’t know what’s behind
mysterious microchip – CC3000 chipset was made by the people from Texas instruments. Very old and aging retire workers. I’ve seen the manual. These guys were expert in electrical engineering, mathematician, and physics. Photon is like Pepsi. Spark Core is like Coca-Cola.

Broadcom BCM43362 works channel 1-13
Texas Instruments CC300 works channel 1-11

So, where can I buy Spark Core v 1.0?

Each to his own I guess :wink:

I’ve sent you a private message :slight_smile:

Yes, I would be interested in selling them, I have outgrown them with my projects. I’ve sent you a private message.

Interesting you mention that ‘it can survive a long time’ I have had two running for 3 years and not had any problems with them. I have not tested w/photons in terms of continuous run time w/o a reboot.

I even have some of the original ‘white’ ones used as part of the kickstarter campaign :slight_smile:


I also have one if anyone is interested.