Where are include files for SDFAT bench example

I am exploring potential to move from Photon to Boron but am having trouble with SDFat.

I have commenced testing individual components starting with SDFAT from https://github.com/greiman/SdFat-beta

SDinfo worked so breadboards are working ok.

The bench example fails to compile due to inability to find two include files ‘sdios.h’ and ‘FreeStack.h’ Where do I find these?

A related and more generic question. I am using Workbench and can search for Libraries - but where do I find the library code (eg Examples)?

Fixed that by picking up the code from https://github.com/greiman/SdFat-Particle which does not include those two files.

It compiled but mow the Photon is breathing Green rather than blinking blue… time for some further searching on the bulletin board :persevere:

I know you have put this as solved - you need to use the latest version of SDfat from the library - 1.0.16 I think. I have run the dataloggerRK software on the Adafruit datalogger featherwing with an Xenon and it all works fine. You need to be careful with pin outs on the Boron (same as Xenon) to SPI bus. Sorry can’t help on workbench question.

Probably due to some while(1); loop in case of some error.
You should change any of these into while(1) Particle.process(); to keep the cloud connection alive.
But in order to have your project actually work, you also should check the serial log what exactly the error was that kept the program trapped.

When you found the library you should install it via Particle: Install Library, then you will find the sources in the project subfolder lib. Without importing the library, you currently don’t get the library.properties file to see - but that may be a nice feature request for Particle: Find Libraries
So I filed this feature request