What is the minimum value to activate High-G and what is its unit?

And I would also like to know more information about the other fields that are registered, as a unit and if possible a brief information about each. I couldn’t find this information on the website.

Property cell Property batt Property temp Property hd Property spd Property h_acc Property v_acc

High G is 4g for 2.5ms.

The event fields are here.

Thanks a lot for the responses. I was unable to find this information on the website.

One more doubt, what is the maximum value that can be read for acceleration? And if it would be possible to obtain these values?

The BMI1160 IMU is configured to the default range of ±2G for the accelerometer.

The hardware could be reconfigured to ±16G, but this needs to be done in the Tracker Edge software, as there is no user interface for setting it.

You can read the current values using:

Bmi160Accelerometer data;
// data.x, data.y, data.z

However, this only get the current acceleration. It’s very easy to miss brief motion if you attempt to poll the accelerometer. Things like wake on motion use the accelerometer itself to monitor the acceleration in hardware and only interrupt the MCU when the desired event occurs.

Hi, do you have a manual for using the Tracker Edge sw?

If I understand correctly, when the High-G option is activated, the value is not recorded when activated? It
is possible to just get the current value through commands, as you showed.

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