What does SparkApi.prototype.signalCore() do?

The Javascript SDK mentions sending a “signal” to a device but doesn’t explain what that actually means.

The cloud API docs doesn’t mention “signal” at all.

What is this signal and what does it actually do?

Would it be useful to add a better explanation in the Javascript SDK docs and mention it in the cloud API docs?

If I’m not mistaken, the signal activates the “shouting rainbow LED” sequence. The same that happens after configuring your credentials. It’s useful to identify your Particle device.
I believe the docs are currently being worked on, and I expect this to be looked at as well.

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OK. I can see that now in the firmware source code. Thanks!

It’s also available as particle nyan :stuck_out_tongue:

$ particle help nyan
particle nyan

That’s weird, huh, I guess the description for this mysterious command is missing…

particle cloud nyan
particle cloud nyan my_device_id on
particle cloud nyan my_device_id off
particle cloud nyan all on
particle cloud nyan [on/off]
particle cloud nyan [device_id/all] [on/off]

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