What are the services I need for buttons?

On a Particle Photon connected to my intranet, If I want to create some html, javascript, or html 5 buttons that can be accessed from any web browser on a phone connected to my intranet, and do not want to use paid services like Blynk or IFTTT…

  1. Would I host the buttons on the Photon itself? Or use a little Raspberry Pi to host a web page or two (intranet only) and somehow send commands to the Photon? What is this activity called? I have few to no concerns on security for this application (anyone with access to the intranet would be a valid user to turn a few lights on and off.)

  2. What library / solution is the best to use from the Particle-supported libraries and methods?

  3. What is the best thing to use to create and host a few buttons on a dedicated Rasp. Pi?

  4. (If I could optionally keep my Blynk and IFTTT code running, then that would be OK also, but I could disable it.)

(When I say “intranet” i am speaking of a NATted network inside a firewall.)

Is there already a great thread on this subject?

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You can make a webpage uses Particle API JS that calls a Particle.function() that a Photon will execute and do whatever task you require.

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OK… Looks like i found my EXACT answer in:

If anyone has any comments or suggestions… Please feel free to add on.