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Can anyone explain a little bit more what to expect from WebHooks and how do they work?

WebHooks means only : use the HTTP Protocoll to send Bytes of Data in no defined format (at least use the HTTP Headers, but no specific data format like soap, html, Json )
The reason for this is the small memory / CPU footprint of the core (or any other device at this size). So there is no meaningfull way to parse protocolls. So anything from call to a URL (with parameters in the URL) or HTTP-POST some “data” is a WebHook.

Hi @frlobo

“Webhooks” as used by the Spark team is a specific feature where you can setup the Spark cloud to make HTTPS web requests based on your core varaible ,events, functions.

There is a beta of the Spark Webhooks feature run by @Dave.

As you might imagine there are a lot of security issues to work out with such a feature. You don’t want to allow people to do bad things using the service but you do want to allow a wide range of activities, so there are inherently conflicting goals.

The IFTTT feature recently announced is very similar in concept to “Webhooks”. You can link services to the Spark events, variables, and functions. In IFTTT, you have to authorize the various channels so the security model is fairly worked out, but as a user you have to trust IFTTT. I would have a look at IFTTT to see what kinds of things you can do.


Ok, that makes more Sense to me.
Sorry, i was referencing to http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Webhook.

Looks like there are also different version of this definition in different languages of the wikipedia …

That makes great sense!

Thanks Guy’s…

I hope that WebHooks will be implemented in a fairly liberal way… !

Hey All,

Our plan is to finish documentation and ship webhooks this sprint (yay!). It’s extremely open ended, any kind of web request to any url, with any kind of payload (headers, params, url params, auth types, etc). I’m very excited to finally be releasing this fully, look for it in about 2 weeks. :slight_smile:




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Awesome news!!!

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