Webhooks - firewalling

We are toying with the idea of moving from using SSE to WebHooks for integration with our inhouse managed service.

SSE is using an outbound connection from us, whereas WebHooks is an inbound connection.

Our service uses the Haproxy load balancer.

There is no issue in our production and staging environments to accept inbound connections from anywhere (after all, they are public services!).

The issue for this ticket is that we need lock down inbound connections to our development environment as good security practice.

Is there an IP address range that we can specify for “particle webhook requests” for the purposes of firewalling?

Any other thoughts?

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The outgoing webhook server list is not particularly static, so we don’t publish a list of those IP addresses. We spin up and down servers based on load, A/B testing, failover, what have you, so the IP addresses are subject to change without notice. And they’re not in a specific range or subnet.


@Rickkas7, no surprises there!

Will mark this as solved in that we have a clear answer.

Till next time!

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