Webhook with multiple endpoints

Hi All,

Is it possible to have a webhook hit more than one endpoint via a single published event?

Specifically what I’d like to do, is to have a webhook that publishes data to Thingspeak, and to also send a notification via Tropo.

It doesn’t look like it’s possible, but I thought I’d check, maybe there is a way to do it with a fancy script?

Maybe I could make another webhook, with also with the same event name?

The point of the question it is to mimimize data usage, not needing a second Particle.publish.

Thx, J

I guess one way would be to send a webhook to a proxy/server which makes the multiple requests and sends back data (e.g. PHP: cURL) separately or consolidated…

The event prefix in your webhook does not need to be unique, so you can create a separate webhook for each service you want to send the data to, triggered off the same event.

You’ll only need one publish, so the cellular data usage is the same no matter how many webhooks fire on it. For product plans, each service would count as an outbound event toward your monthly limit, however.