Webhook failing with the message "unable to verify the first certificate" even though SSL certificate is valid


I’ve a webhook that has been working fine for weeks. But since a month, it is failing with the message “unable to verify the first certificate” (while for instance running the test from the webhook view). It seems to match when I update my SSL certificate on the website

But when I check my SSL certificate of my web site. Everything looks absolutely valid. What could be the issue?

To confirm the issue is linked to SSL, I’ve create a weebhook that does not enforce SSL (even though the link I’m using is https). And it works fine.

Any help welcome.

Tried checking your website with https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/ ? (tick the “don’t share results” box). It’s possible you’re missing an intermediate certificate which may be fine with some browsers.

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Very good, thank you hfiennes,

I get one error “OCSP ERROR: Exception: Read timed out [http://ocsp.startssl.com]” which I don’t get for all the other certificates that I renewed around this date. I will need to investigate as I’ve no idea what this is exactly and how to solve it.

Best regards