Webhook Data Types

First off, I’m loving web hooks. They are a great way to increase the capabilities of each project.

I noticed this in the documentation:

These properties will all be strings except for published_at, which is an ISO8601 date formatted string, which tends to be in the form YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ssZ

I was wondering if support for non-string data types is in the works? It would be very helpful to have numbers (int and float) and bool values in addition to strings.

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I totally agree!
Sending numbers from custom template variables as Strings and having to parse them in the backend is not a desirable solution.

Any update on having non-string custom variables passed in the template? Perhaps an int(), float() wrapper we could use?

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Hi @georgegiovanni,

Thanks for asking! I’m working on webhooks this sprint, and I’m hoping to finally close out this issue as well. I’ll post here when I have more to share! :slight_smile:



Any further progress. Looking to post to directly to Firebase, but I’ll need some kind of intermediary unless I can get the template variables to be numbers.

Hi @mebrunet,

Sorry about the delay, I implemented a new feature in webhooks to address this, “data_types”, but I’ve handed that project off to @jeiden and @bryce, so it’ll be up to them to document and release that feature in the near future.


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Thanks @Dave! @jeiden or @bryce what’s the timeline on this? I’d love to avoid writing an API endpoint that just casts strings to ints.

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@Dave, @jeiden, @bryce I’m excited to give this a try. :grinning:

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Hello @jeiden @bryce ,is the documentation is available now ??

I’ve queued up a task to be prioritized to test and document this feature. Thanks for the ping