Web build API to push to multiple devices (without web IDE)


I was wondering if there is a cloud api for pushing firmware to multiple photons in batches. Is there an api by which we can push firmware to multiple photons via command line over the internet? The Spark IDE allows one device allows pushing one at a time afaik. How can we group push to multiple devices at once?

You might want to try out the beta Dashboard at htps://dashboard.particle.io

I did, except it doesn’t show anything but the status of the claimed devices. There doesn’t seem to be an option to push firmware in batches.

Not sure it that feature is available yet. Ping @jeiden

Well, tbh, none of the features showing up seem to be available yet. It seems like they’re still worked upon. Except maybe spark.publish()

Have you requested beta access for organizations? That should have some more functions.

Just did! Thanks.