Web Bluetooth UART Terminal

I came across a webpage based Bluetooth Low Energy Serial Terminal that you can use with the Gen3 Devices when you enable Bluetooth using @rickkas7 latest BLE Serial UART Library.

This makes it really easy to open up a quick Serial Terminal on your phone, tablet, or Laptop computer to see what your Gen3 Device is spitting out.

This one by nRF works perfectly for finding Gen3 Devices when you’re using Ricks BLE Serial UART example code. It’s basically a Web Based CLI for Nordic devices but I just test it to see the Serial Data stream.


Here is a very clean web based BLE serial terminal which I like better but it requires the Gen3 Device to be configured differently so it’s broadcasting a different characteristic


@rickkas7 What needs to be changed to get the 2nd cleaner version of the web serial app to work like the first nRF version does? Or can you just change the code on the 2nd example to look for the same BLE services that the nRF web Cli version does?

I think this is very cool stuff since it does not requre any applications to be installed.

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Or you adapt the Web Termnial to scan for a different service/characteristic :wink:
These are only the defaults

So when you see a call like let terminal = new BluetoothTerminal(); you’d just add the wanted serviceUuid and characteristicUuid as needed in the parameter list instead of relying on the defaults.

Apart from a browser that’s Bluetooth Web API enabled - since that’s what this library utilises.

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Sweet! Looks like changing the UUID data and uploading to a server would allow the default Serial UART characteristics to show up just fine. I’ll have to give that a shot.

It looks like a lot of the Arduino BLE devices are using the UUID’s below for serial TX & RX and that’s why they are programmed as the default UUID’s for these web-based serial terminals?

@rickkas7 @ScruffR In Ricks BLE Serial library are we using nRF’s default UUID’s for BLE Serial UART which happens to be different than the default TX & RX non Nordic nRF BLE device UUID’s?

I’m wondering what the differences are here between the UUID’s? Any thoughts on this?

serviceUuid = 0xFFE0, characteristicUuid = 0xFFE1,