Watchdog resets with p2


we are getting watchdog resets every now and than (on average once a day, seems to depend on wifi quality): what is a good way to find the culprit? our code does not have any while loops that can cause a 60s (that is what the watchdog is set to) delays


the best i could think of debugging this is instrumenting the code with Serial prints around all calls, using a separate serial. i think i found the culprit (see below): last thing i see on the serial is "R" before a the watchdog restarts the device.

Is it possible to use WiFi.ready() such that it hangs (for at least 60s)?

                ready = WiFi.ready();

in which:

#define P(x)    {Serial2.println(x);Serial2.flush();}

Ethernet.ready() also gives the same problem

we now test the connectivity code (ala @rickkas7 library) with ethernet disconnected and with a wifi network that goes down every 5 minutes: lots of watchdog restarts, all on WiFi.ready() and Ethernet.ready()

I took a quick look at the source and it drops deep into Device OS in a part I'm not familiar with, so it will have to wait for an engineer to take a look.