Warnings while building Monitor Edge with DeviceOS 5.7.0

Hi, am I safe to proceed?
Should I only use Device OS 4.2.0 or how can I fix these warnings?


../../../hal/inc/interrupts_hal_compat.h:82:1: warning: 'HAL_InterruptCallback' is deprecated: Use hal_interrupt_callback_t [-Wdeprecated-declarations]
   82 | HAL_Get_System_Interrupt_Handler(hal_irq_t irq, HAL_InterruptCallback* callback, void* reserved) {
      | ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
In file included from ../../../hal/inc/core_hal.h:91,
                 from ../../../modules/shared/nRF52840/inc/user_part_export.c:7,
                 from src/user_export.c:1:
../../../hal/inc/interrupts_hal.h:66:16: note: declared here
   66 | typedef struct hal_interrupt_callback_t {
      |                ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
In file included from ../../../hal/inc/interrupts_hal.h:234,
                 from ../../../hal/inc/core_hal.h:91,
                 from ../../../modules/shared/nRF52840/inc/user_part_export.c:7,
                 from src/user_export.c:1:
../../../hal/inc/interrupts_hal_compat.h:92:1: warning: 'HAL_Direct_Interrupt_Handler' is deprecated: Use hal_interrupt_handler_t [-Wdeprecated-declarations]
   92 | HAL_Set_Direct_Interrupt_Handler(IRQn_Type irqn, HAL_Direct_Interrupt_Handler handler, uint32_t flags, void* reserved) {

Those warning are inside Device OS itself and can be ignored. They'll be fixed in a future version of Device OS.

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