Wake up a Photon using different inputs

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I have two questions regarding “Waking-up” the photon. I am writing down a program where I use 4 different inputs that will increment independent counters every time the input for that specific pin change states. In the meanwhile no inputs are changing I would like to put my photon into Deep-sleep or send it to sleep using “System.sleep(wakeUpPin, edgeTriggerMode, seconds);” But I would like to wake it up using any of my 4 inputs, not only the one you assign in that instruction.
First: Is there a way of doing that?
Second: How much power should be consuming when you send the photon to sleep using “System.sleep(wakeUpPin, edgeTriggerMode, seconds);” ?

Thank you All!

You can only wake up from SLEEP_MODE_DEEP using the WKP pin. It’s a hardware limitation of the STM32F2xx processors.

Starting with system firmware 0.8.0-rc.2 you can stop mode sleep (pin + time) on multiple pins, and find out which pin caused the wakeup. The feature is described here.

The power consumption in stop mode sleep (pin + time) should be a 1-2 mA, according to the datasheet.


Thank you! Really helpful!