Voltage regulator

I wonder if spark core has a voltage regulator? e.g. if I plug in a 9V battery , would it destroy spark core?

Not sure in the last version but 9V was Ok with version 0.1.1

We’ll document this in the Spark Core datasheet but with the current version it has a voltage regulator which is designed for ~5V input. If you need to use a 9V battery you’ll need a separate regulator to bring the power down to 5V.


ic! thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:

Can I get access to the USB +5v (on a USB powered core) at the Vin pin? if not, where? Is there a schematic of the core somewhere? Thanks

I can’t answer the voltage question, but see if anything in this repository has what you’re looking for.

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Yes, you get access to the USB supply voltage, minus one diode drop for safety, on the Vin pin.

The core schematic is on github here:

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Ahhh perfect! Thank you.

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