Voltage of HX711

I have a question about using an HX711 ADC with a photon specifically the voltage difference.

As I understand it the HX711 uses 5v and the photons pins are intolerant of 5v how can I get these to play nice together?

thanks steve

The analog inputs of the Particle Photon and Electron are 3.3V maximum. The digital inputs are 5V tolerant as long as you’re not using the internal pull-up or pull-down (INPUT mode, not INPUT_PULLUP or INPUT_PULLDOWN). Since you’re interfacing an analog to digital converter, the serial output of the HX711 is digital, and should be fine.

Also, from glancing at the data sheet, the HX711 can be run at 2.6V to 5.5V, so you can run it off the 3.3V supply, anyway.

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fantastic thank you for your help