Viewing the EEPROM

What would be the most efficient/fastest/easiest way to display values from the EEPROM of a photon over wifi to be viewed on either an android or windows device?


Give us some info what you might need this for to limit the number of possible answers.


About 25 integers ranging in value from 1-100

Do you want to connect directly to the Photons wifi (iā€™m not sure if its possible for a Photon to act as a hot spot?) or do you want to get the data remotely over an internet connection?

The second way is pretty easy by either:

Then a simple application would need to be written to get this data and present it in a meaningful way. You may not even need to make an application if something like IFTTT or MIT App inventor is good enough for your needs.

I think once you have decided exactly what you want to do, everyone on the forum will be able to provide targeted advice on the implementation and specific issues you may encounter - at the moment your question is too broad :wink:

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