Variable not found!

Hi Guys,I am using my Spark Photon to do some test.The setup code is as below

void setup()
  char addr[16];


  IPAddress localIP = WiFi.localIP();

  while (localIP[0] == 0)
    localIP = WiFi.localIP();
    Serial.println("waiting for an IP address");

  Serial.print(localIP[0], DEC);
  Serial.print(localIP[1], DEC);
  Serial.print(localIP[2], DEC);
  Serial.println(localIP[3], DEC);


  //Setup the Tinker application here

  //Register all the Tinker functions

  Spark.function("digitalread", tinkerDigitalWrite);
  Spark.function("digitalwrite", tinkerDigitalWrite);
  Spark.function("analogread", tinkerAnalogRead);
  Spark.function("analogwrite", particleToDuo);


before I changed the variable key to “getjson” , it was “mess” and it will return the right message when I use the url

but after I changed it ,I got the message as{“ok”: false,“error”: “Variable not found”}when I used

even I changed the key back ,it couldn’t recover anymore. I just don’t know why!!!

Could you try putting the variables/functions at the top of the setup? Too long delays might cause them to not ‘take’.
As a tool, you could use this page to check which functions/variables are available.

I’ve tryed but it just not worked

If you’ve got some code I can copy&paste, then I can test it.

the problem disappears now but I don’t know why, maybe is the cloud is unstable