Using STMPE610 and ILI9341 library together for touch display

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Hi @peekay123,

as I expected: In the next moment the demo was broken. It runs perfectly with each device separately and on an Arduino Uno. :frowning: I had given up and got on with other things instead. But, now I need a touch display again and dig up that old Adafruit 2.8 touch display with its STMPE610 and ILI9341 devices and have no luck again. I’ve rewritten the SMTPE610 library and used the ILI9341 library optimized by you. The STMPE610 test app works fine with software SPI but not together with the display. What do you think? Any change to get it running with software SPI or should I buy another display? What about SPI transactions and Photon/P1?


@MaxSharx, at this stage I have to ask - do you really want to spend more time to figure out how to get this working! You may want to consider getting a Digole display or even a Nextion HMI display. You will even find libraries for the ILI9341 and an analog touch screen overlay (non digital). Without one of those combos, its hard to help.

I completely agree! But, I’m curious and a researcher and want to know why it isn’t working! :smiley:
I’m wondering why this display makes no problems with my Arduino. @peekay123, why do you prefer that Dipole or Nextion display? Because of its serial interface or has it more advantages? I googled it and found out that it is hardly available in Germany.

@MaxSharx, I’d have to look at the Arduino libs to see how they are implemented. I prefer the Digole and Nextion because they are “smart” displays meaning they do all the heavy lifting of the GUI. Storing images, fonts, etc. takes a lot of flash. The Digole is less sophisticated than the Nextion but does all the work for graphics and touch. You simply pass high level text commands via serial, SPI or I2C. The Nextion allows you to design screens, buttons, gauges, actions, etc. on an editor which the display executes. Often, the Photon is not even involved!