Using step-up voltage booster and photon/electron

I am using the Pololu 5V Step-Up Voltage Regulator U1V11F5 to step up the 3.3v pin to 5v to run a plantower 5003 air sensor. I wired the step up booster Vin - 3.3v , gnd- gnd, shutdown - d7, vout to air sensor. It reads 5v just fine and shuts down with the D7 pin as it should. The problem is that when it turns the booster back on it resets the photon completely. I am guessing the surge to turn it back on is too much. Any hints on how to fix this?

My end goal is to run this on an electron on just the 3.3 v battery.


Connect the Voltage Regulator to the Li+ pin & GND to pull power directly from the Battery and not from the 3.3v regulator which it sounds like your overloading.

The Photon can only supply 100 mA on the 3V3 pin.

The Electron can supply 800 mA on the 3V3 pin.

If 800 mA is not enough, then you’ll need to go with Li+.


Thanks guys. Worked perfect. Now to figure out solar charging

This should bring you up to speed with solar charging.

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