Using Serial/UART_2?

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I’m at a loss as to how to go about using the UART2 pins, marked in the Boron pinout as D4 and D5:

The Boron uses NRF_UARTE0 on the tx/rx (D9/D10) pair, which I’m already using, and the NRF_UARTE1 for comms with the SARA modem, but can we config the NRF_UART0 to these pins, remap UARTE1 to these marked pins or any way of using these UART2_* pins?



I’m not sure if it’s possible, but @BDub or @Dave might know.


This image and pin map refers to Xenon not Boron.
The Boron datasheet only lists one UART since the second one is already used to communicate with the ublox module.


Damn, it’s from the pdf that’s linked on the boron pinout page.


Uhm no.
The link you posted there does show this for me


yeah… click on it.


I did. What browser are you using?


Firefox… the link points to


That PDF has an image with “xenon” but kindof assumed it was just a case of identical pinout. not super.


Yup, that is a Firefox (Acrobat Reader) quirk.
This PDF contains multiple layers but Firefox PDF rendering obviously can’t interpret that properly.
Try Chrome, Edge or even Internet Explorer - they render the file correctly.


Oh, noes… we’re back to the days of “this site best viewed in X”!!
Ok, well I guess its going to be a case of bit-banging… thanks.


On Gen 3 devices I recommend using the SC16IS7xx I2C or SPI UARTs and this library to add additional serial ports.


Oh, that’s sweet–thanks for the suggestion (and library!)