Using Serial I/O in cpp

Can Serial I/O be used in cpp files?

I believe that’s a yes?

Why should it not be possible?
Actually an .ino will be made into a .cpp by the preprocessor anyway by adding #include "Particle.h" and required function prototypes.

Thanks ScruffR. Is there a list of includes available. That suggestion solved one problem, but now I am having trouble with using Serial with output stream.

 cqueue.cpp:18:10: error: no match for 'operator<<' (operand types are 'USBSerial' and 'const char [15]')
   Serial << "\nQueue is full" ;

Any ideas would be welcome.

I’m not sure why, but the << operator seems to be missing in Print class (one of the base classes of USBSerial), so you might need to use the clumsy way of calling functions (write()/print()).

Normally you shouldn’t need to include anything other than Particle.h (unless instructed in the docs or non-Particle stuff).
You can always download the open source firmware repo to see what’s there and how it’s done.

I’ve filed an enhancment issue for this on GitHub


Thanks again, ScruffR