Using Particle Photon as the ISP to Flash a Daughter Chip

I am wondering if it is possible to flash another chip OTA via Particle Photon (or P1).

For example, in an robotics system we use Particle P1 as the master chip in charge of networking and main logics while we have a motor control board and a sensor board. Each of them is a subsystem equipped with its own microcontroller, for example Arduino(atmega328). Is it possible to update the application FW on those subsystems via P1 by downloading the compiled HEX files and flashing them?

Thank you very much.

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The ICSP pings on arduino look like SPI protocol and since SPI is listed in the Photon Library. Iā€™m thinking if we can use that.

Interested to know if you continued exploring this or not @codemonkeyboris ?