Use of LOG in network software prevents LogHandlers from sending data over network

There is a difference in how debug logging is made in the network software for the mesh devices which prevents libraries which implements LogHandler from using TCP or UDP from within the LogHandler.

In pre generation 3 devices the firmware logs using

DEBUG("sendto(buffer=%lx, size=%d)=%d",buffer, buffer_size , rv);

but this has changed to

LOG(TRACE, "sendPacket size %d, %s#%d", buffer_size, remoteIP.toString().c_str(), port);

in the firmware for generation 3, mesh, devices…

Part of this has changed in commit 810e58a for the UDP client, but there should be similar Changes to the TCP client

@kristoferliew, have you logged in issue and/or a pull request in the Particle firmware repo for this problem?

No, I havn’t. Not shure how to do that, but I guess its time to learn something new :slight_smile:

I put a comment on Andrey Tolstoy’s commit for fthe UDP client file which solves the same for UDP

I have now logged this as an issue in Github