Use of A7 WKP pin

I am using interrupts to wake my Electron from sleep mode.

System.sleep(WKP, RISING, interval, SLEEP_NETWORK_STANDBY);

I have configured the LIS3DH accelerometer aboard my AssetTracker to trigger the interrupt that wakes the Electron.

Does this preclude the possibility of using the same pin (WKP/A7) for an external hardware interrupt?

Since the accelerometer is already connected to that pin other interrupt sources on there have to take that into considerartion.
But other than that there is nothing that would prevent you from using this pin as usual.

Thanks Scruffr. Could you enlarge upon what you mean by "take into consideration "? I assume that you mean that there is no hardware or logical conflicts? So do you mean simply that information about which of the two events caused the interrupt is lost?

You should ensure that neither of the attached devices has a problem with having the respective other device driver the level either high or low and that any possibly present pull resistors don’t prevent discrete level distinction.
And of course, you won’t know which source provides the current level.