USB Pins on P2 5V tolerant

Doing my own specific board design with the P2 which will be powered over USB. I understand I need an LDO to go from 5 to 3.3V to supply the P2 but it isn't clear to me if the USB data differential lines connecting to pins 61 and 62 are 5V tolerant or do they need to be stepped down (and up) as well? I don't know that much about USB but I am assuming the data lines are 5V as well?

@iitgrad you may want to take a look at the "My first P2 Board" info which includes a schematic.

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awesome, reading it now @peekay123

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so according to your schematic, those pins are directly connected to USB, no conversion required. :slight_smile:

There are three pins on the P2 that are 5V tolerant:

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What are we suppose to do with pads 74 and 75 that are in the keepout area of the P2? @rickkas7

You can leave them unconnected. Actually, the pads are not connected in the device to the symbol, so you actually can't connect them to anything in the schematic.

They're cut out on the tStop and tCream layer and are there for mechanical fastening only, not electrical.

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Awesome, thanks @rickkas7

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