Uning Visual Basic to recieve particle.publish events


I’ve been working on this for days but I’m lost… I have a particle.publish event (temp) that publishes a value. I want to be able to get it from a Visual Basic application.

Here’s what I have so far:

It returns a “StatusCode: 404, ReasonPhrase: ‘Not Found’, Version: 1.1…” error.

Two questions:

  1. Any clues on the error
  2. Is my method valid? (I’m calling the function in my VB app from a timer that fires every 5 seconds)



What you are trying there is GETing a Partile.variable() - which your device obviously doesn’t expose.

For Particle.publish() you’d need to subscribe to a ServerSentEvent.

There is a (now discontinued) Windows SDK though where you should be able to get some hints


Hi ScruffR
Many thanks for the steer, I’ve looked at this document before and it looked a little like encrypted Latin… but if that’s the place to go I better Learn Latin :slight_smile:
Cheers J


If you don’t mind C# you could also look at this (old) thread