Understanding Cellular.setListenTimeout(seconds)

I just wanted to confirm that Cellular.setListenTimeout(seconds) is used to control how long the electron searches for a cell connection.

I ask because I live in an area where cell service is very poor, I wanted to change the default behavior so that it would listen and try to connect for a shorter period of time and then nap for a bit of time. Is Cellular.setListenTimeout(seconds) the right starting point?

Thank you

No not really that. Listening Mode is not the same as searching for network.
When the device can’t connect to any network for some prolonged time it enters Listening Mode by default since it assumes something is wrong with the SIM or the network.
Previously when that happened the Electron stayed in Listening Mode forever draining the battery and not giving the device the chance to go to sleep.
For that reason this setting was added to drop out of LM after a set periode and allow the application to take counter actions.