UDP forwarding to Boron LTE device for redundant backup?

Does Particle have any methods that forward UDP packets to a Boron LTE devices, if the device is only in Cellular.connected() = true mode with a listening UDP port?

Nope, cellular providers are multiplexing their IPs and don’t guarantee an IP to stay valid for any period of time longer than the keep alive time.
That’s the reason why Particle has special agreements with cell providers to max out that period to 23 minutes. Typically it’s only something between 30 and 300 seconds.
The devices need to communicate regularly within that time with the cloud to keep the cloud informed about the current route back to the device (UDP hole punching).

If you want to send UDP packets to the device, the device needs to open the route from “inside” and you need to responde before the window closes again.

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Thanks for reply.