UART- Particle - Renesas microcontroller

Hello guys,

I’m new with the Particle programming… i’m having difficulties when i try to connect my Renesas microcontroller to my Particle throught UART…

I programmed my Renesas controller to send a caracter (each 1 ms ) and i configured the particle to receive this caracter and write it on the serial port (i wanna see it on a Terminal installed on my computer).

Real Term Terminal

and this is the code i wrote to configure the UART of the Particle:

char Buffer1;

void setup()

Serial1.begin(57600); // via TX/RX pins


void loop() {; // Read whats in the Serial port and store to Buffer


But the problem is that i can’t see the caracter i sent from the Renesas controller… ???

@vannistelkimo, you need to remove the pinMode() statements for RX and TX since these will override the Serial1.begin() pin configuration. Try that and let me know how it works. :slight_smile:

@peekay123 Hi, Thanks for your answer… i’m still receiving wrong characters on the Terminal… :slight_smile:

@vannistelkimo, try this code:

char Buffer1;

void setup()

  Serial1.begin(57600); // via TX/RX pins 


void loop() {

  while(Serial1.available()) {; // Read whats in the Serial port and store to Buffer

Hello @peekay123 , now i can’t see any character on the Terminal… does this means that i’m not receiving any character on the RX of the Particle? and the characters i saw before on the terminal came from where? confused…

@vannistelkimo do you have the RX and TX lines crossed between the Renesas and the Photon?

Photon    Renesas
RX          TX
TX          RX


If there is nothing in the RX buffer will return an int16_t -1 (0xFFFF).

@ScruffR, look at the code I provided above.

@vannistelkimo, from your picture, you don’t have the Photon RX connected to anything, only TX!!

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I looked at the code OP provided to answer his question.

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Hello guys, it’s working now , my mistake was in the Hardware … i thought i connected Rx to TX and TX to RX but it was wrong … Thanks a lot guys , now i can continue my project and send a string from the Renesas controller to a server.

Thanks. :slight_smile: