TypeError <native>

Hello, Particle community.

Does anyone has solved this error?
This is what I get.

there’s no write queue for that file descriptor ! at TypeError category:7

At first, Particle-CLI detects my device but then, it gives that error.
Can anyone assist me?


I never had that error.
What CLI version have you got?
Have you tried particle serial wifi?
What Windows version have you got?
If pre 10, have you installed the drivers?

I’m not sure about the CLI version. I just follow the CLI install instruction in particle.io.
Yes, I’ve tried the serial connection with wifi, it’s good.
My window version is windows 8.

I just want to try any method that was suggested in the particle.io

You mean you have used this CLI installer?

Fair enough, won’t force you to try my suggestions :wink:

Thank you sir…

If not you, maybe there are some people may have this issue.
I hope that I can find a solution for this.
Thank you.