Trying to port EasyTransfer, need Stream.h


I’m trying to port the EasyTransfer library over to Spark, but I need the Stream.h header, which appears to be missing.

This looks like a standard Arduino header include, so I’m not sure why it’s not included with the Spark cloud IDE?

I don’t think you need it as all the functions are already available without it… have you tried removing the include?

@Terrymisu, if you remove the include and add #include “application.h” instead it should work.

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Aha… that did work.

So I’ve got the library importing and compiling, but so far no luck talking to a different Arduino, and I’m not exactly sure how to debug… hrm.

Does the Spark Core output serial over its USB?

Ok, I think I may have figured this out… I didn’t realize that I needed to use Serial1 for the tx/rx pins, so that’s probably the issue. I’ll try this tonight, and with any luck, I’ll have my Spark Core talking to my MicroView!

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just remember the spark is a 3.3v device and the RX line will be damaged if 5v is applied.

Here is some info on it:

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