Try / Catch - Supported?

Hi all.

I was wondering if Try/Catch works in the Particle environment.

I wrote a small test program in the WEB IDE and the keywords “Try” and “Catch” are highlighted as if recognised, but the program won’t compile. I can’t seem to find any documentation on this in the docs library - so I have to assume that you do not implement this feature?

Thanks as always

Ah! I answered my own question.

Although a search of the documentation set for the unquoted string:


doesn’t for some reason find it, the Language Syntax documentation page states upfront that:

“Exceptions are disabled at the compiler level (-fno-exceptions) and cannot be used. You cannot use std::nothrow or try/catch blocks.”

So I have my answer and I have subsequently discovered that if I had searched for the quoted string - i.e. “try/catch” then I would have found it.