Trouble Connecting MY1820 Sensor to Particle Photon Device

Hello community,

I'm having trouble connecting the MY1820 temperature sensor to my Particle Photon device. I've followed the official instructions and guides, but I'm still experiencing difficulties.

I'm using C++ programming language and Particle libraries for developing my project. When attempting to integrate the MY1820 sensor, I've encountered insufficient documentation or possibly the wrong approach.

If anyone has prior experience working with this sensor and Particle Photon device, I would greatly appreciate any assistance or advice. Perhaps someone has code examples or detailed instructions that could help me out?

Thank you in advance for your support and advice!

Which library did you use? There is no MY1820 library in the community libraries.

Is the MY1820 a clone of the DS18B20? The datasheet I found is in Chinese but it kind of looks like it at first glance. If so, the best library to use is DS18B20.

What is the problem? Does it not compile? If so, what error are you getting?

Does it SOS panic at runtime? What are the USB serial debug logs before it happens.

Does it return the wrong values? How is it connected? Do you have the pull-up? What are the USB serial debug logs?

Is this a Photon 1 or Photon 2? If this is a Photon 2 you will not be able to use that sensor without an external I2C to 1-Wire bridge chip, see this list.

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