Trailing whitespace in spark.include file breaks CLI compile [REPORTED]

Edit, I found the problem – my spark.include file had a trailing whitespace after each line. here is the bug report

I had found a workaround to creating spark projects, which I tested and documented here

It no longer works.

At the top of my spark.include file there is the file json.h – this is a file that is inside my main project directory. And yet, when I type spark compile project it throws the error

I couldn’t find the file sensors/json.h

This isn’t possible, the file is right there.

This used to work. Now it doesn’t work. What the heck could be going wrong?

In another note, if anyone knows how to compile locally (with a local toolchain) I think I need the link to that documentation. I expect that the problem is that the spark cli uses the cloud (or automagically updates).

Note: if the project does not have either spark.include or spark.ignore files, it compiles and loads fine.

I updated the title to match the problem. I am sure @Dave will make it more robust to whitespace–nice bug find! Sorry you had to find it.


Can you please provide a failing example? Are you on Windows, Mac, Linux, etc… The issue report just links back to this page without an example.