Tracker One + Temp Sensor

Waiting for my tracker one but just wondering will I be able to use one of these Waterproof DS18B20 Digital temperature without the resistor? Is there a pull up resistor build into the tracker one chip similar to the Arduino show here

The 1Wire protocol (DS18B20) is not particularly reliable on Gen 3 devices (nRF52) due to timing issues with high priority interrupts.

An external pull-up is necessary with 1Wire, as it’s an open collector design and the 13K internal pull-up on the nRF52 that can be enabled in software is too large of a resistance for 1-Wire.

Also you need to be careful: DS18B20 sensors can run at 5V, and actually work much better at 5V, but nRF52 GPIO are not 5V tolerant, so you can’t directly connect 5V 1Wire sensors to a GPIO.

Solving all of these problems at once is this application note that uses a DS2482-100 I2C 1-Wire interface which handles 5V 1-Wire, parasitic power mode, and simultaneous multi-drop conversion.


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nice application note. I also appreciated the intro to lambdas in c++!

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