TPL5010 WDT and Wake Publish Sleep Cellular Example

I am attempting to implement the TI TPL 5010 wdt with the Particle Wake Publish Sleep Cellular Example.

I want to wake the TPL 5010 every 60 mins and turn power on to the Boron. Do I do away with the ultra low power sleep mode used in the Wake Publish Sleep Cellular Example, since Setup will be run every powerup? What about the cell connection? Will this cause a problem with the cell network?



I used to use the TPL5010 and posted a fair bit on this topic a while back.

However, I moved away from the TPL5010 to and ATTINY based approach for one main reason: while you can configure the TPL5010 for a 1 hour cycle, you cannot “reset” or “restart” that period. So, if you wanted to align the 60 minutes to the clock, it will not work.

Then, I moved to the AB1805 which is the current path.

As for the cellular connection, there is no issue with disconnecting and reconnecting every hour. However, you want to make sure you disconnect from Particle and turn off the cellular radio before turning off power to the Boron.

Hope this helps,



Thanks everyone!! My system’s delay and on time never changes , and I have a bunch of the TPL5010s.

In the future, I will keep this conversation in mind.