Token expiry: when is eventsource closed?

Just noticed my access token hit the 90 day limit and stopped updating the other day. I’m using a third party eventsource consumer in node so, unfortunately, I have no information of what exactly was the spark cloud response to my token having expired.

I presume, once disconnected, it will 403, but what happens before then? Is the eventsource aggressively severed on expiration or does the stream continue until the consumer disconnects? I’m already in the process of writing a job to check on and subsequently generate a new token, then kick over processes that depend on that token, but I’m just curious what happens from the eventsource provider.

edit: looked through the open-source implementation of spark-server and it looks like that one doesn’t actively sever the eventsource*. Is that the case with the hosted server as well?

* - auth is done early in the middleware chain, never checked again through the life of the event pipe or on events from the socket (no auth between device and server).