TlsTcpClient library 0.2.6 update

Now I update TlsTcpClient library to 0.2.6 based mbedTls 2.6.0(latest version).
sample application size is 63kbytes on WebIDE build and I checked this library works on 0.6.3 firmware on Photon.

Now this library cipher suite is only RSA_WITH_AES_(256|128)_CBC _SHA256, if it more cipher suite are needed please reply on github issue.


Thank you for the update!

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@hirotakaster, I am keen to use your tlstcpclient v0.2.7 library within the Web IDE, Photon with v0.8.0-rc1 firmware environment.

To start my research, I used your a1-example.ino as is.

Problem is that I getting back response: “Server Certificates is in-valid.”

Next, I tested a2-example.ino after addiing the client.verify() call just like example a1-example.ino:

// connect AWS IoT server.
client.connect(“”, 8883);

if (!client.verify()) {
Serial.println(“Server Certificates is in-valid.”);

Same response: “Server Certificates is in-valid.”

Do you have any thoughts on this?


Hi @UMD,

tlstcpclient v0.2.7 library work on firmware 0.6.3(default), but it could not work on the prerelease version firmware because of Photon memory limitation.
In my test on the prerelease firmware 0.7x, 0.8.0, always memory allocation error happen(could not allocate new memory) on TLS RSA certification negotiation with server, even if using any cipher suites. And error message will be “Server Certificates is in-valid.”.
I will update the TLSTcpClient library for the new firmware but it need a time, so please use 0.6.3(default) firmware.

Thank you

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@hirotakaster, okay, understood, v0.6.3 only. I will test using this version and report back if there are problems.

Is anyone helping you with the memory allocation issues with v0.7 and v0.8 firmware? Have you asked for assistance? The community is here to help!

I had not heard of this difference before - it must be disappointing to not be able to move forward with the latest releases.

@UMD, I think this library maybe works on the product release version firmware not a prerelease version.

There is a some problem on prerelease version firmware because of “This is a pre-release and is not intended for production yet”(Particle Firmware Updates Thread) , so I’m happy if you or developer on this community send me a TLS bug fixed or some features pull request on github.


Test results:

a1-example.ino worked with firmware 0.6.2, but failed with “Server Certificates is in-valid.” using 0.8.0.rc1.
a2-example.ino failed with “Server Certificates is in-valid.” for both firmware 0.6.3 and 0.8.0.rc1.

Just had a look at the library code. It is way more complicated than I thought! So unfortunately I will not be able to render coding assistance.

Thank you for your test.