timeStr() for Core


Little problem here.

If I try to use Serial.print(Time.timeStr()) it does not compile. If I remove that line, it compiles.
I’m using it on a CORE. On a PHOTON, no problem.


@goncalo, which DeviceOS version are you targeting for the Core?

i put the default one. 1.1.0

@goncalo, I just this compiled against Core v1.1.0 and it didn’t give me any errors.

void setup() {



void loop() {


Which error are you getting?


I create a new project and it works.
If I include the freertos4core library to the project, it doesn’t compile anymore.

The freertos4core may not be compatible with newer DeviceOS versions. I’ll have to do some digging.

if I only put freertos4core.h and do not use Time.timeStr() or any other Time functions it compiles.

if I use version 1.0.0 it compiles but not with 1.1.0.


@goncalo, I can compile agasinst 1.0.1 but nothing higher as you found. Looking at the “raw” output you will see that with the newer versions, the code exceeds the amount of flash available:

region `APP_FLASH' overflowed by 1252 bytes

I don’t suggest using RTOS on a Core. Take the plunge and upgrade to a Photon!

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