Timers no longer working

**** Update, I found the error, I had to ad tp->start(). ****


thanks for updating the firmwares!

My devices just updated to 1.0.1 and the timers are no longer working.

For example this

 Tent::Tent() {

    tp = new Timer (50000, &Tent::displayLightLow, *this, 1);
    tp1 = new Timer (60000, &Tent::displayLightOff, *this, 1);

tp and tp1 are not counting anymore.

I can still flash the firmware without error.

If you wish, you could see the complete code here.

Does someone know what I did wrong?

I reposted your solution in order to be able to mark the thread as solved - the original post cannot be the question and the solution at the same time :wink:

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