Time sync and error

Hi all, i am using the Time function to sync my device but i want to know how accurate is this function. manage dates and times. I need to stay sync with UTC time and the time is critical in my proyect since i am using it for seism detection. I start using https://github.com/bkobkobko/SparkTime library but i check the firmware and there is this time function that stays sync,

How accurate is this Time function ? the erros that i want is a least 0.5 [ses] . it can be done ?


Hi @arturo393

With my SparkTime library, you can set the sync interval in minutes to anything you want within reason. A good interval for your project would be 1-2 hours to maintain time sync. Once you set the sync interval, anytime you get the time if it needs to sync, it will. Just an FYI: if you try to set a very small sync interval with any NTP library, your IP address can get banned by the network of NTP servers; SparkTime tries to not let this happen to you.

You should measure your completed system and make sure it meets your needs.

Hi - I cannot add anything as a response - however I am interested in your project.

Where I live (Sydney) I am on a ridge that 6 inches under the ground is solid sandstone. There are some underground streams (very deep down). As an interest I have mused about performing some underground mapping - however I know absolutely nothing about seismic mapping - Could you keep me posted about your project - and maybe I may learn something…