Three 16-bit Timer availability question

Are the 16-bit timers available, or are they tied-up with background operations?

Iā€™m not exactly familiar but it seems like Timer1 is being used for the RGB LED and Button debouncing.

@satishgn should have a direct answer for this matter. :wink:

Sorry for the delay!

Hi @rossaroni, as @kennethlimcp mentioned correctly just the TIM1 (all 4 channels) are used for background operations namely for Leds R, G, B and Mode Button.

For Arduino users, the following TIM : channels are available via analogWrite, tone etc. as well as for custom usage:
TIM2 : 4 channels
TIM3 : 4 channels
TIM4 : 2 channels

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@satishgn, should the retasking of TIM2-4 affect I2C or SPI operation?